• Jeremy (Pic Schmitz Remix)

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    Pearl Jam    date 28.06.2016

  • Around 1992 and 1993, the grunge movement coming from Seattle (USA) was hitting the world and the Pearl Jam was one of its exponents. Jeremy was one of his main songs at the time, which was part of the Ten album. The lyrics was written by vocalist Eddie Vedder after he read a newspaper article talking about a student (Jeremy Wade Delle) who, at 15 years old, shot himself in front of his colleagues in his English class on 8 January 1991. It was the way that Jeremy found to call the attention of all, as always felt excluded by everyone, including their families. After Eddie read that, he felt the need to act on it, giving importance to the fact and not going through something unnoticed. Jeremy is a song that marked my life since that time, when I used to listen many grunge bands. At this time, I was a teenager and I lived many similar situations as Jeremy lived. And because it's a song that was so present and special to me, I decided to make this remix, adapting it to my present day, giving it an electronic deep house touch. I hope you enjoy!